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The comment section allows readers to voice their thoughts, observations and opinions and share relevant ideas and information with other readers. This interactivity often adds understanding to a story in a way that isn’t always possible through our reporting.

We encourage people to use their real names, but we realize that many people simply won't comment if that’s a requirement. Besides, it's virtually impossible to guarantee people are using their real names, anyway. The vast majority of the anonymous comments make a significant positive contribution to the public dialogue, far outweighing any perceived harm done by allowing them.

Here are the expectations and policy regarding comments:

  • Don't post comments that are abusive, defamatory, illegal, libelous or obscene. Self-censored profanities are still profanities and subject to removal.
  • Comments that are considered racist or hateful speech targeting someone’s race, gender, age, sexual orientation or religion are not allowed.
  • Be courteous. It is possible to debate without engaging in personal attacks. Do not verbally abuse or threaten other members. Do not make unsubstantiated allegations against other people or businesses.
  • You're only allowed to have one account on the site. Please don't post comments under multiple identities.
  • You are solely responsible for the content of your comments. We cannot review every comment, but we reserve the right to remove any message deemed inappropriate for any reason.
  • Repeated violation of the rules may result in a loss of posting privileges. Everything Greendale will give you two warnings via e-mail before your account is banned from the site.
  • Advertising and promoting are prohibited. This forum is for discussion of issues and not for promoting businesses or services.
  • When you post on the forum, you are agreeing that we may distribute your message via the Internet and to include it in a publicly accessible archive in perpetuity. You are granting others the right to quote from your post here or elsewhere.
  • Everything Greendale does not share user information or email addresses.

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