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Trustees Appoint Genz to Fill Empty Village Board Seat

Trustees Appoint Genz to Fill Empty Village Board Seat

Carl Genz was appointed to fill an open seat on the Greendale Village Board on Tuesday, April 19. The final vote was 4 to 2 with Sally Chadwick and Rich Busalacchi voting no. Ron Barbian, Al Sikorski, Donna Ouellette and Jim Birmingham voted in favor of Genz.

Bill Kewan and Genz were both defeated by Busalacchi in separate races in the April 5 election leaving the seat formerly occupied by Kewan open.

In the race for a three-year seat on Greendale’s Village Board earlier this month, Genz finished third with 2,316 votes. Busalacchi also defeated incumbent Bill Kewan in a race for the one-year term. Busalacchi took in 2,925 votes to Kewan’s 2,160.

Busalacchi chose to fill the three-year seat, allowing Genz to be appointed to fill the remainder of the one-year seat. Genz will be up for re-election in April of 2017.

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Bill Attewell

Bill Attewell is the editor and publisher of Everything Greendale. He has over 20 years experience as an award-winning newspaper editor, writer and publisher. His work has been read in in over 50 publications across the U.S. and abroad. Bill is a long-time resident of Greendale and a Greendale High School alum. Go Panthers!


  1. Green70

    Well If Busalacchi did not selfishly run for two spots! (Still wondering why he used the Band email List) Carl would have been re elected. I really like the the way some people talk and put names such as Teabagger out there. I guess that we can assume Dinkfester Trud and WI mother are all Liberals. There is nothing the matter with watching out how Greendale spend the taxes we pay. So I think the Village board got it right.

    • john

      Meanness prevails in Greendale

    • wi mother

      @ Green70.. You are so wrong..

      • Green70

        @wi mother and I think you are so wrong!

        • wi mother

          Nope, G70.. I AM NOT a Liberal, so you ARE so very wrong..

    • Kim kowalczyk

      Green70, Yes Busalacchi shouldn’t have run for 2 seats! I like Carl Genz, he’s a great trustee! And for those who voted Bill Kewan out, they are basically the haters or “trolls” as a call them of this village. They all basically bully the community when they don’t get their way, they hide behind an “egg”. As far as calling Wi mom a liberal, you couldn’t be more wrong! She is the most conservative person I know. She, along with me, fight for what we feel will make this community stronger for the people AND our children. Maybe if more of you would come out and talk to other villagers, you would see how dedicated they are to this community. I may not know everyone that lives here, but of the ones I do know, we’re not “politically correct”. This whole country has been going to hell in a hand basket, and us working class people are tired of getting pushed aroun and not heard!

      • Greendale Old Timer

        It is time to get behind the two governing boards. Let them govern in the light of day and stand up for election in spring ’17. They wanted the work. Now they have it. The candidates stated their positions. Lower taxes, no new parking lot in the G Section, new apartments in the Village Center or referendum ahead.

        EG will be here covering it. Time for the haters to go away till next election.

        Will Greendale vote more than 50% for Trump?

  2. factnotfiction

    What were the other options? Of the people who ran, he had the next most votes. I see no reason for a vacancy until the next election. But I don’t know what the process called for. Perhaps someone can enlighten us on what the options were.

  3. The conservative voter

    The right decision. Mr. Genz has been a solid Trustee.

    • wi mother

      @ TCV.. No according to the voters!!!! He WILL be voted out next time, again. The voters spoke and their votes were not heard.. New blood badly needed.

  4. Trud!

    The Village Board appointed Genz.

    We will vote him out again one year from now.

    Fact not hope. Count on it

    Genz your days are numbered just like the Tea Party.

  5. Dinkfester


    Genz is a TEABAGGER!!!

  6. Ryan

    Shame on Chadwick and Busalacchi for making self serving votes. Genz had the next most votes in the last election meaning he would have been elected next making him the next logical choice.

  7. WI mother

    OMG,, Cannot believe it, he lost, then he won!!! Crazy politics. Thank you anyway, Sally & Rich. You both made the ONLY sensible votes..

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