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Last Words from the Village Board Candidates

Last Words from the Village Board Candidates

With just days before Greendale heads to the voting booth on April 5, Everything Greendale contacted each trustee candidate to get their last words and final pitch to the voters as to why they are the best candidate to serve on the Greendale Village Board. You can find their closing statements below.

Greendale Votes on April 5


For more information about elections and voting in Greendale please click the link below.

Brian Schuk

Brian Schuk

Brian Schuk, Village Board Candidate (read the interview)
I ask for your vote on April 5th so I can serve as your voice on the Village Board. I will bring fiscal responsibility, transparency and collaboration to the board as I represent you. We have innovative ideas that can provide balance, meeting the requirements of our traditions while also serving the needs of the next generation. I will bring value to the Greendale Village Board as a result of my experience as a municipal attorney. My daily work means that I understand the complexities that a Trustee must sort through in making decisions that best benefit the community. I have the necessary experience to understand our local tax rates, the community service needs, as well as the scrutiny to provide for any future redevelopment proposals for the Village. We live in a great community and we need leadership that listens to the people, and then delivers based on the needs of our citizens.

Bill Kewan

Bill Kewan

Bill Kewan, Village Board Candidate (read the interview)
This election boils down to one question. “Do you like the way the Village Trustees have operated government to date?” If so, vote to return the incumbent trustees. Look beyond the bells and whistles and slick advertising of the challengers and ask, “What’s broken that needs fixing?” Do the challengers have a hidden agenda? Look at the list of endorsements on my opponent’s web page. Notice the number of school district and GEF members listed. Do you want the school board meddling in Village business? Contrast the negative publicity surrounding the school board with the positive publicity from Village government and ask, “Which set of candidates to vote for?” The incumbent trustees have more than just ideas, they have a positive voting record of achievements and visionary thinking. The incumbents will represent ALL the people, not just those who endorse them.

Rich Busalacchi

Rich Busalacchi

Rich Busalacchi, Village Board Candidate (read the interview)
Please consider supporting me if you desire a trustee who is willing to look at both sides of an issue and reach a consensus that achieves the best outcome for all involved. What we need now more than ever is someone on our village board who can be entrepreneurial, reach across politics, and find common interests and solutions. Greendale is a village where individuals who have differences of opinion can be respected for their convictions and beliefs but are also able to work with others who have opposing views and find a solution that is mutually beneficial for each other and ultimately has a positive impact and outcome for our Village and the residents of Greendale. I have more than ideas and visionary thinking, I have a proven track record of accomplishments both personally, professionally, and on the boards and associations I serve on including the Lions Club, Public Celebrations Committee, Greendale Education Foundation, and multiple school committees. I just don’t vote on it, I do it. When you cast your “Double Down” and vote for Rich for the One Year and Three Year Term. For more information about me and my vision for Greendale please visit FORWARD Greendale!

Carl Genz

Carl Genz

Carl Genz, Village Board Candidate (read the interview)
Dear neighbors — six years ago, when I was first elected to the Board of Trustees I pledged “To be a voice for all in Village Hall” and try to respond to citizen’s questions and concerns as soon as possible. If I don’t know the answer, I will find out who does. I also promised to always be mindful of the hardworking families and senior citizens on fixed incomes in Greendale. I am proud to say, that over the same period the average tax levy increase has been less than 1% per year. But I know we can do better! That’s why for the past two consecutive years I have proposed 0% tax levy increase plans. I will continue to work toward this goal if given the chance. On April 5th, Please consider my record of good stewardship with your tax dollars when you vote for Village Trustee!

Ron Barbian

Ron Barbian

Ron Barbian, Village Board Candidate (read the interview)
I would first like to take this opportunity to encourage all Greendale residents to vote April 5 th for whoever they feel will best guide the Village forward for the next three years, the key is for you to vote. In my time as a trustee I have tried to guide the Village in the direction of preserving our unique heritage while moving forward with development in specific areas of our community. Our growth in the Southridge and corridors of 76th and Loomis road is significant and solidifying the future of Greendale with current and future tax revenue rather than increasing the resident tax burden. During my time as a trustee and Chair of the Finance committee, taxes over the last five years were raised at an average of 0.71% while increasing the services provided to our residents during this same period, a difficult task to accomplish and impossible without the fantastic employees that help create and follow the yearly budgets. The trustees in addition protected the green space that our residents cherish as part of the appeal of Greendale along with superior schools and as I said superior services. As a trustee I have made a commitment to respond to resident concerns and do my best to represent all residents in the decisions made at the Village level, I am a resident no different than you with the same concerns. I have been extensively involved in various School and Village organizations consistently since 1988, to be a part of the community. There are always topics or choices to improve in any Municipality and being open to ideas that are new is vital to any elected official, I have always been a leader in forward thinking and open to discussion. I would ask that you consider before casting one of your three trustee votes if in your opinion, I have been a solid steward of your trust and deserve to continue to be part of the leadership of your community. If so I would ask that you vote for Ron Barbian

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  1. mavin

    I would like to know which candidate considers themselves a progressive or a conservative?

  2. factnotfiction

    Negative publicity? How about the pot calling the kettle black. People have a right to their opinion, even the gentleman above who you berated as having an “erroneous opinion” whatever that means. You, sir, were the one whining and crying about not getting your way on the Veteran’s memorial, labeling the three school board members who voted against the location of the memorial anti-veteran. None of the three were or are anti-veteran, they were anti-location. You conveniently ignored that. You, sir, were part of the very small but loud group of people who whined and cried to talk radio. You created the negative publicity by going in that direction, instead of dialog, you chose to be a demagogue. You, sir, were the one publicly saying that if it a memorial wasn’t on that spot, that there would be no memorial, despite the fact there were several other proposed sites. You, sir, already lost an election for village board and were rejected by the voters of Greendale, yet for some bizarre reason, weaseled your way to an appointment. How is the school board meddling in “village business”. Don’t school board members have the right to publicly support candidates they deem worthy for village board? Are you complaining because no school board member has publicly endorsed you? Either way, why on earth would they given your past attitude and behavior toward the school board? Or maybe it’s because some candidates for trustee have no axe to grind with the school board, are actually colleagues and work together with them? I’ve seen no hostility from Mr. Genz, Mr. Barbian or any other candidate or current trustee toward the school board “meddling in village business.” The school board IS the village’s business. People certainly don’t move to Greendale because there’s a Hose Tower or a Veteran’s memorial here. They move here for the most part because of the schools, their quality and the bang for the buck the community gets because of the great school system. You’ve been one of the people who’ve constantly yammered for more tax money for the Hose Tower. Compromise doesn’t seem to be in your vocabulary. Hostility breeds contempt. And you, sir, are openly hostile to anyone who doesn’t see things your way.

  3. James

    Mr. Kewan,

    There is no hidden agenda. I think it’s clear to see that a number of village residents want to be represented by someone who will listen to them. Not by people who have the attitude you seem to have judging by your statement. Many people feel the incumbents have anointed themselves as rulers and decision makers as opposed to representatives. When you call people wanting their voices to be heard “meddling” , you sound as if your constituents are an inconvenience. That kind of attitude is what has encouraged a number of people to run for open seats, and why many people are in favor of a change.

    • Bill Kewan

      Dear James,

      You are certainly entitled to your opinion, however erroneous it really is. I return all phone calls, respond to emails, letters and personal contacts. I plan to represent ALL the people, not just those who endorse me.

      Constituents are very important to me, that is why I attend the Open Markets, community events and public meetings. I go out to meet the people and listen to their concerns.

      The “hidden agenda” is now plain to understand with the school board members supporting two candidates for village trustee. Given the school board’s history of poor public relations, do the residents want the school board meddling in village business? Read the blog postings and you will see that a number of residents have the same concern.

      Thanks for your opinion,

      Bill Kewan

      • James

        Thanks for the reply.If you do win, I challenge you to hold true to your promise and represent ALL people. You will have to seek out those who disagree with you and seek to understand why, and not just erroneously pass it off as meddling. Good luck tomorrow, I appreciate the time and effort you have put in on the board.

        • Ann

          This is what we could only hope to see one day from the school board members.

          They may carry the day and return to office and as DF keeps crowing, the people will have spoken. When will DF just stop yelling on this blog and Greendale Now?

          I 4 1 am hopeful the school board will turn the page and begin working with everyone for the good of Greendale and the kids and all parents that are counting on the school district to do what they are supposed to do and what you are saying and represent All people and seek out who disagree with them.

          We can hope but only their actions will tell and what the Board President has been doing the last few weeks doesn’t make me think he can change.

          And if there is a close election or new board members are elected, then there will just be more anger. The school board is in a conundrum of their making and it is a shame the current and next administrator will have to try and repair the damage they have done.

    • Dinkfester

      TAKE Greendale back for the PEOPLE!!!

      Toss KEWAN and SLOTA out.

      We Need new REPRESENTATIVES who look out for the GOOD PEOPLE!!!!

  4. Tom

    Dear neighbors, read all the profiles tonight I am voting:



    • wi mother

      @ Tom,, You are soooo right on the School Board, but totally wrong on the Village Board. Definitely needs new, young blood, time for some change, Greendale..

  5. Jeffrey

    This site has the best coverage and cleaning house on the local political races in Greendale.

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