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OPINION: April Storm

OPINION: April Storm

Roy Reiman’s Norman Rockwell statue at Northway and Broad Street was dressed for rain, but instead got snow on Saturday morning. Like Forest Gump says, “You never know what you’re gonna get.”

That pretty much sums up Tuesday’s Village elections. I don’t think anyone knows what they are going to get when the final votes are counted by Kristen Victory our Clerk-Treasurer. I know I don’t.

I do know many Villagers have told me they have grown weary of the campaign. Some candidates have lamented the nastiness of this year’s races while others have been pounding the pavement and knocking on doors. There have been police reports about a slew of stolen campaign lawn signs in the “G” section and some Village leaders have told me it is the dirtiest campaign they can remember.

What is clear is that the community remains divided and school supporters appear to be making a big play for Village Hall. Who ever you support, I urge you to get out and vote and then watch for Everything Greendale’s election coverage next week. Don’t forget your ID at the polls.

Moving on.

This summer, the prime corner store on Broad Street will see a new flagship tenant, Village Pen and Ink. The new business is run by a nationally known paper designer and Greendale resident Gina Krupsky. Krupsky runs Gina K Designs and StampTV. I wish her the best of luck on her new venture and look for a grand opening sometime in June.

It remains to be seen if the recent shuffling of storefronts on our main drag will satisfy critics of the retail mix in our historic downtown district. A vibrant downtown is key to the future success of our community and it is fertile ground for some fresh ideas.

Meanwhile, I’ve spent the last week making some improvements to Everything Greendale. Our events calendar has been updated to make it much easier for you to add events. The calendar is a fantastic, free way to find out what is going on in our Village and get the word out about your events. To check it out, please click here.

I am also inviting people to consider blogging for Everything Greendale in a new section called Your Voice. This is another great (and free) opportunity to help build our community and spread the news about your organization or community group or let Greendale know about your business. I support blogging because I believe that opinions matter and sharing of ideas and information is a net positive for the Village. To learn more about blogging for Everything Greendale, please click here.

I’d like to add that blogging is not a four letter word. And, despite the fairy tales Joe Crapitto likes to tell, thousands of people are reading Everything Greendale every week. There’s even an option to turn comments off — if comments make you nervous.

Ironically, GreendaleNOW discontinued community blogging on their site yesterday. That drew the ire of some of their former bloggers including Franklin’s conservative writer Kevin Fisher who said, “New owners decided to drop the blogs because they only wanted content on their sites created by their own paid staff. Good luck with that. Their suburban news reporters are weeks late with stories, unsure what day it is. How can less content be good? Management is clueless.”

You can find a link to Fisher’s latest This Just In post in the Your Voice section on Everything Greendale. Other former GreendaleNOW writers have contacted me about blogging as well. So, stay tuned.

Here’s a big shout-out to Gary Prestidge (hey, if you are looking to buy a car) and our other advertisers. Everything Greendale is a labor of love and plays an important role in the health and vitality of our community. We strive to provide people with news about our schools, government, clubs, and activities. I also believe that the more the community invests and embraces Everything Greendale, the better it — and our Village — will become. To quote another good movie, I’ve always believed that if you build it, they will come.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the recent passing of former Greendale High School teacher and coach Ron Barbian. Ron was the father of current Village Trustee Ron Barbian and was recently inducted into the Wisconsin Old Timers Baseball Hall of Fame. My condolences to Ron and his family. And, Greendale lost a second former, long-time GHS teacher when Sharon Sharko passed away over Easter.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Community Radical

    We will be voting against the school board members. They may be good people, but we gave up after the last few years of one disaster after another. This past year has been a lost year. One where they are doing nothing which equates to now over four years of treading water at best and at worst the erosion of respect and belief in a board and school system that was once considered one of the finest. Now it is seen as something just isn’t right there now and in some quarters butt of jokes. We deserve better.

    We also have been watching the Village election. Initially, we liked Mr. Busalacchi. Elections reveal character traits in candidates and the more we observe him, the less we like him. The past week he has almost been manic in his door to door visits. Have you looked at his photos on his web site and how he cites Everything Greendale on his web page?

    His anger and drive for victory are just below the surface. His double down strategy while it may work reveals a bit of a his personality that we are going to see again once he in on the board.

    This guy wants it bad and if he doesn’t get it, then what? If he gets it, the village board and administration are going to need help.

    The other candidate well he doesn’t even register other than it looks like he filled out the wrong election papers and seems more interested in the school system instead of the village. Maybe he should run next year for the school board or better yet, there’s a rumor out there that one school board member is going to resign soon and he could take their place.

    We will be voting for the incumbents on the village board and the new candidates for the school board.

    Out with old on the school board and out with the new on the village board.

    • wi mother

      CR.. You’re mixed up, somewhat. Out with the old on the school board and IN with the new on the village board. You are also mixed up with the candidates. You mistake passion for “anger”. There is a difference, big difference. Your mention “the other candidate filled out the wrong election papers” could not be further from the truth. That candidate definitely submitted the correct election papers and best of luck! For shame, CR..

  2. WI mother

    It’s understood EVERY candidate has had signs “stolen”, or whatever happened. I’ve seen one particular candidate pounding the pavement throughout the Village and certainly wish him the best, as he would be the best. He should know who he is.. Not naming name as that has been the big concern for many, and not needed.. Good luck Tuesday..

  3. Ann

    Joe lives in a fantasy world and as one community leader says … You can’t trust Joe.

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