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Barbian Re-Elected as Busalacchi Takes Two at Village Hall; Incumbents Returned to School Board

Barbian Re-Elected as Busalacchi Takes Two at Village Hall; Incumbents Returned to School Board

Greendale Goes for Clinton and Cruz; Tony Staskunas Returned as County Supervisor

There were three contested races in Greendale this year and voters came out on Tuesday to choose their candidates. Total voter turnout in Greendale was 69% according to unofficial results from Village Hall.

In the race for a three year seat on Greendale’s Village Board, incumbent Ron Barbian received 2,995 votes and newcomer Rich Busalacchi garnered 2,552 to earn them seats at Village Hall. Incumbent Carl Genz finished third with 2,316 votes and Brian Shuck trailed the pack with 1,114.

Busalacchi also defeated incumbent Bill Kewan in a race for a one year term. Busalacchi took in 2,925 votes to Kewan’s 2,160.

Busalacchi will need to choose whether to hold the three year or one year seat. If he opts for the three year, the open seat could be filled with an appointment by the Village board, put on the November ballot or left open until April of 2017.

In the school board race, incumbent Tom Slota ran first with 2,690 votes. Coming in second was Melanie Kuzmanovic with 2,496 votes. Andrea Bender received 1,943 votes and challenger Mary Grogan took 1,699.

Greendale Municipal Judge Mark Kapacious ran unopposed and took 3,712 votes or 99%. There were 35 write-in votes according to unofficial results from the Village.

Presidential Primary and Other Races

The breakdown of the Greendale voters shoed that 2,854 identified as Republican with 2,051 as Democrats. In the Republican Presidential Primary, Texas Senator Ted Cruz easily defeated Donald Trump. Cruz took 2,181 votes to Trump’s 991. On the Democratic side it was a much closer race with former Senator Hillary Clinton the preference of Greendale voters taking 1,375 votes compared to 1,321 for Bernie Sanders.

In the race for County Supervisor, Tony Staskunas handily defeated challenge Tim Johnson. Staskunas took 2,682 to Johnson’s 1,934.


Greendale Results: Democrat vs. Republican

  • Republican 58.88%
  • Democratic 40.64%

Greendale Results: Republican Presidential Primary

  • Ted Cruz 55.45%
  • Donald Trump 25.20%
  • John Kasich 17.04%

Greendale Results: Democratic Presidential Primary

  • Hillary Clinton 50.81%
  • Bernie Sanders 48.82%

Results: Three Year Village Board Seat

  • Ron Barbian (Winner) 33%
  • Rich Busalacchi (Winner) 28%
  • Carl Genz 25%
  • Brian Schuk 12%

Results: One Year Village Board Seat

  • Rich Busalacchi (Winner) 57%
  • Bill Kewan 42%

Results: Greendale Municipal Judge

  • Mark Kapocius (Winner) 99%
  • Write In .93%

Results: Greendale School Board

  • Andrea Bender 21%
  • Mary Grogan 19%
  • Melanie Kuzmanovic (Winner) 28%
  • Tom Slota (Winner) 30%

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About The Author

Bill Attewell

Bill Attewell is the editor and publisher of Everything Greendale. He has over 20 years experience as an award-winning newspaper editor, writer and publisher. His work has been read in in over 50 publications across the U.S. and abroad. Bill is a long-time resident of Greendale and a Greendale High School alum. Go Panthers!


  1. A Disallusioned Resident

    Really Rich, you are so selfish that you had to run for two offices ? I suppose in your generous way that you’ll take the two year term and give the one year term to Bill Kewan. I certainly hope this is your last run for office as I didn’t vote for you for any office and next time will work against you.

  2. shedlight56

    The biggest loss of the night may be Everything Greendale, and it’s handful of negative commenters who believe they know Greendale best. The voters have now spoken loud and clear in the past two elections in complete opposition to all of the negative bias perpetrated here.

  3. shedlight56

    The biggest loss of the night may be Everything Greendale, and it’s handful of negative commenters who believe they know Greendale best. The Greendale voters have now spoken loud and clear in the past two elections in complete opposition to all of the negative bias perpetrated here.

    • Karen

      This website was totally in the tank for Busalacchi from the start. Shame!

    • anthony

      The time is now for the school board and village board to reach out to those that are against them and find peace. The voters spoke.

      Rubbing the losers face in the mud will just continue the negativity that is becoming part of the Greendale Way.

      Big issues are ahead for the municipality and district. Board members have already said there are no plans for a parking lot in the G secionsor a apartments or a school referendum.

      If they change their views, they will be screamed at as liars and worse.

      Board Presidents and Management need to bring all the folks outside their favored groups and make peace for the good of the town.

      Those that want to keep the fight going will just make it more the Greendale Way than it ever has been.

      We have a growing level of resistance groups in the municipality and school system that are not going to make things better that are putting their views ahead of the public good.

      • factnotfiction

        Well said.

        • Ann

          Agree. It is time for the negativity to end. I will pledge to stop if other posters stop. Things won’t get better until everyone turns the page and does things differently.

          Bring in the outsiders to both boards and make peace to do important projects to get Greendale ready for 2020.

          • Dinkfester

            WE ONE!!! You and your crew LOST ANN!!!!

            HA – We own GREENDALE.

            Vote for BERNIE in 2016! Greendale School Board are Five for the BERN.

  4. Kim kowalczyk

    It amazes me how many people on here post that we need to do better, especially when it comes to our kids! The people in this village got it wrong again! Hope you’re all ready for new gyms to be built, because that’s what the board wants, along with a parking lot on 84th and Grange, yes FNF read Feb 1st SB minutes, they are discussing it. I will certainly be reconsidering sending my son to this school district in the future. Don’t want him to learn common core values anymore!

    • wi mother

      @ Kim.. You are so very right. Greendale is a loser with the same old, old School Board elected back in.. Sad.

      • factnotfiction

        More whining from the tiny vocal minority. Keep pushing that nonexistent parking lot on 84th and Grange. The community spoke loud and clear, by quite a significant margin, that the two incumbent school board members deserved to be reelected. Yesterday’s biggest losers, other than Bill Kewan, who was crushed, are Everything Greendale, the forum for the negative vocal minority, and Bill Hughes, the weasel who doesn’t hide his contempt for the current school board. Bill, your 16 years is long over and the district is doing fine and is actually better off without your overinflated ego.

  5. P

    We’ve heard from the people! If you didn’t vote, you should not be complaining. All the candidates elected clearly deserved it, and hopefully this quells the harsh criticism for a while. Excited that the incumbents were reelected in this School Board election!

    • Dinkfester

      The PEOPLE SPOKE!!!! WE got 1 out of 2 off the board and EXPOSED Slota to the MASSES. HE won buttttt

      WE AREN”T GOING AWAY Village and School Board.

      We are a Movement that will monitor, CONFRONT, and QUESTION AUTHORITY.

      WE are OUT HERE and WATCHING.

    • parent


      The incumbents voted to renew Tharp’s contract, despite loud grumblings that administration and staff weren’t happy with him. Then, a year later they fired him at a cost of 160k plus benefits to taxpayers. You don’t think they deserve criticism for wasting tax payer money? What had to be cut from the school budget to buy out Tharp’s contract? Please feel free to share why you think they deserved to be re-elected, because maybe I’m missing something? And, no, that’s not sarcasm. I would love to be excited by the election too, so please tell me something to change my mind!

    • A Burr

      The analogy of a resistance movement equals a minority that will struggle to the death to bring havoc on the tyranny of the government.

      The school board better get ready for a very tough year ahead from The Resistance.

      We aren’t going away quietly and we are going to keep the readers of Greendale informed and more so activated.

      Don’t be proposing a referendum, parking lot or strategic plan. A strategic plan has to have opposers in the room and the board members are already on record that no parking lot or referendum is in the plans.

      Both may be good ideas, but the board members that are rubbing in our faces their ‘sweet win’ have already tied their hands.

      Better, maybe their like Trump. I was for it and now I changed my mind.

      I am a politician and no one expects me to tell the truth so I won’t.

      Join the Resistance against a board of No Nothings.

      Be a burr in their behind.

      • factnotfiction

        Looking forward to your death struggle. What a load of manure. “The resistance” who fails to show its face and talks big but cowers behind its fake name? I guess the 5180 votes the two winning incumbent school board members received were from know nothings. Their combined vote in a four person race was MORE than the combined total of Busalacchi and Kewan in a two person trustee race (5085). Both of the incumbent school board members received more votes individually than Kewan got in a two person trustee race. So who’s the know nothing? Why would the school district use The Rock, where alcohol is sold and consumed? Why would the school district support a business that doesn’t give a rip about the neighborhood that was there before its existence? Perhaps you can ask the Reimans if they thought their generous donation to renew what was once the worst high school baseball field in southeast Wisconsin was a waste of money? And school referenda were passed in 5 of the 8 communities in the area, including Muskego, Men. Falls and Mukwonago. Self proclaimed education guru Bill Hughes wrong again.

        • A Conservative

          When is the next joint school and Greendale board meeting? Everyone talks about it but when exactly is it going to happen?

          Can they do something better than they have done in the past? We need these two boards to step up and be the better of themselves than their spouses and supporters are presenting them as.

          Greendale needs to put this behind them and bring in all the bad vibes and embrace them. We don’ want this school board to still be known as “The Worst School Board in America.”

          A large minority of voters still said, we can do better. We can.

          • factnotfiction

            What spouses are presenting themselves for candidates who clearly speak for themselves? What kind of comment is that? Why would Greendale embrace the bad vibes? Other than Bill Kewan, no election loser has complained, in fact those that commented were quite graceful in defeat. If this is the worst school board in America, then the voters of Greendale must be the worst voters in America. The Greendale electorate only elected the incumbent school board members by a huge number given the turnout. The second place incumbent got roughly 600 and 800 more votes than the two challengers. Both of the school board incumbents got 400 and 600 more votes in a four person race than Bill Kewan got in a two person race for trustee. Kewan was the loudest basher of the school board. So no, Greendale has put this behind. It reelected the school board incumbents and sacked the person who attacked the school board from the village board.

    • A Burr


      Why did the school board build their Field of Dreams Baseball field instead of using The Rock?

      We don’t support what The Rock is doing with their real estate development.

      The school system’s failure to anticipate using these fields cost donators and taxpayers quite a bit of money that could have gone to the kids.

      How much tax payer dollars did Dr. Slota vote to spend on a baseball field that games could have been played on at The Rock?

      Join the resistance.

  6. wi mother

    Greendale got it right!!! Rich is great for Greendale. Congrats Rich & Greendale.!!!! Way to go.. Right way to go!!!!!

  7. john

    Meet the new boss

    Same as the old boss

    Don’t get fooled again


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