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Greendale Votes: Primary Election Results and Voting in Schools

Greendale Votes: Primary Election Results and Voting in Schools

The Village of Greendale voted in the Spring Primary election on February 16 for Milwaukee County Executive and Wisconsin Supreme Court and the Village received media attention as some parents expressed concern over voting in schools.

In the Milwaukee County Executive race incumbent Chris Abele garnered 55.97% of the Greendale vote with State Senator Chris Larson (D-Milwaukee) coming in at 30.25%. However, Larson beat Abele county-wide with 45% of the vote and Abele at 44%.

The Greendale vote for  State Supreme Court was 56% for Rebecca Bradley and 31% for Joanne Kloppenburg. State-wide Bradley had 45% to Kloppenburg’s 43%, with Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Joe Donald finishing third.

Greendale saw 25.22% of registered voters in Greendale participate in the primary election.

Voting in Greendale Schools Continues
as an Issue for Some Parents

The issue of voting in Greendale schools again was a point of contention for some parents. The district made a decision to plan parent-teacher conferences and teacher data review and professional development days around the known election dates.

According to the district, “This eliminates safety and security concerns for students and staff on these days.”

Aleks Skibicki, President of the Highland View PTO spoke to WTMJ-4, and said he and other Greendale parents have been petitioning the school district and the village to remove voting from schools for the last three years and believes using schools as polling places leaves students inside at risk.

“The doors are wide open, so anyone can walk right in,” Skibicki said. “Our schools are putting a lot of money into security for the rest of the year. It seems really counterintuitive that, while we lock everything solidly most days of the year, on election days we’d advertise to the rest of the world that our schools are open.”

To view the full report on WTMJ-4, please click here.

About The Author

Bill Attewell

Bill Attewell is the editor and publisher of Everything Greendale. He has over 20 years experience as an award-winning newspaper editor, writer and publisher. His work has been read in in over 50 publications across the U.S. and abroad. Bill is a long-time resident of Greendale and a Greendale High School alum. Go Panthers!


  1. 4discussion

    I think the ad is great, it shows parents who NOT to vote for if they want voting removed from our schools! Vote for Rich Busalacchi, Brian Schuk, Andrea Bender and Mary Grogan … avoid the incumbents!

    • Rich

      Quote on a church sign in Greendale may be applied to the school trusties.

      The amount of forgiveness you have is the amount of love you have and are loved.

      The school trusties have little love. They are sad people.

      The election is going to decide things. We get the trusties we get because we elect them.

      If you don’t like these trusties – people no one trusts then vote for the challengers.

      The school trusties have signs up in their yards for the “Greendale United.” Do Kewan, Barbian and Genz back K and Dr. Slota?

      Well put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  2. susieq

    I have a few questions…
    >why is voting in the schools still such an issue with a few parents when the school district has decided not to have school on voting day?

    >why are we, the village tax payers, subsidizing the Historical Society? who decided this and how much are we, the tax payers, giving them?

    >why does the $26M referendum deal mainly with the sports facilities and not reinstating the trades in our schools?

    • John

      Voting in the schools is going to be gone, gone, gone, if you elect the challengers to the Village Board.

      I 4 1 support keeping voting in the school buildings. Each of the challengers support eliminating voting in the Greendale School buildings. Kick the voters out by voting for the challengers. Keep voting in by voting for the incumbents.

      A school referendum is in the works. Everyone knows it. It will be additions, security measures, and gymnasiums. I know. I am working on this plan with the parent groups.

      Our gyms are an embarrassment to the kids.

    • Pumping Iron

      Susieq asks some good questions. Come to the March 23rd candidate forum at the high school and ask the candidates.

      • Dinkfester

        Most of us have already made up our minds and will be voting the INSIDERS out on their butts.

        Taking back GREENDALE for the PEOPLE.

        Move voting out of the school system. Protect the KIDS!

        • GsD Ed

          Most of the teachers in the Greendale Schools really do not care one darn bit about the voters being in the school buildings on voting days. We feel safe here. Management works hard especially the G House. Not so much at College Park. That school is a pretty big hot mess. The principal is never around and leaves with the kids most days.

          We are glad the tax payers and voters get a chance to see the school buildings.

          It would also be valuable for the kids to see the voting.

          This voting issue is being pushed by a small group of whacked out Highland View Parents and an angry guy who we all know and wish would just get a job pushing their agenda.

          Wet wish the school board would take a stand on this. Their weakness makes us all stressed out and look bad. We don’t need a bunch of new gyms easier. We need more help in the classroom.

          We care about your kids Greendale.

          What is the new superintendent is getting paid and his bennies? We are hearing, there isn’t much of a raise coming next year for us.

        • Ann

          Dinkfester, Will you just go back to posting on Greendale Now?

        • susIeq

          Where would you move the voting to? There are regulations to follow as were stated in another persons comment. All we hear is move voting out of the schools, but no viable options are offered.

        • John

          Whoa. Genz, Barbian and Kewan are Greendale United.

          Didn’t expect to see this sign of public promise of the three to them against the challengers.

          School board members in the race to be reelected are backing the the Greendale United Team with signs up and other actions.

    • Kim Kowalczyk

      Susieq, I agree with in the school should NOT be an issue, schools are now closed on those days. Ever since Sandy Hook, many parents, including myself suggested schools be closed, and the board accommodated this change. I feel this works well for ALL in the Village, so don’t fix what isn’t broken Highlandview Parents, get over it and move on, the rest of us have. As far as our gyms being an embarrassment, I think the gyms are just fine! Trades being brought back are an excellent idea, get our students better prepared for the working world! How about classes on how to handle future finances, teach our kids about money, how to save , balance a check book and tell them about taxes! Oh and making math non Common Core, go back to basic math! So NO, I will be one Parent and Village Citizen who won’t vote for new gyms!

  3. Greendale Mama

    In my opinion, The historical society board is made of up bitter community malcontents (plus the hysterical blogger) who have no concern for anything but their pet projects. Sally and her gang should support REAL community organizations. It is time for the VB to pay close attention to the safety of our children (no voting in schools) and improvements to our sports playing fields. This is why parents need to vote for Rich Busalacchi and Brian Schuk for VB and Andrea Bender and Mary Grogan for school board!

    • Pumping Iron

      Scroll down and read my February 23rd reply. Once you check-out who sits on the board of directors of the Historical Society, you will dismiss Greendale Mama as really confused. The facts contradict her assertions.
      The election hyperbole of Greendale Mama’s comments should be rejected by the candidates she mentions if these candidates want to be considered as responsible mainstream individuals.
      Now let’s move on to some new topics!

      • Trud!

        We will be moving the voting out of the schools to the Public’s buildings and Southridge!

        The school board is right on this one and everyone saying nada to this should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Trud!

      New board members on each board = our agenda. Highland View is going to sweep out the insiders on each board.

    • anthony

      What we have before us is a secret hidden war the board of education has unleashed with some very left wing Greendale residents. They also are supporting challengers to the school and village board.

      What do the current school board candidates think of the group they created now coming after their positions?

      What do the other three think of this as at least one new board member will be a tipping point for everything. New superintendent, principals and office administrators who already are getting banged around by board members at meetings.

      What does Rich Bussalachi think about this? Does he support this mayhem?

  4. 4discussion

    We don’t need a public hearing on voting. What we need is new representation on the VB. The Historical Society and all of their Village board pals needs too go in April. When we elect Busalacchi and Schuk to the VB then real change in Greendale can begin! We MUST remove voting from our schools and put an end to the Historical Society and their crazy, dusty, musty schemes to milk our community. Progress and Forward: Vote Busalacchi and Schuk!

    • Dinkfester

      CHANGE is coming to Greendale. Vote out the INSIDERS on the VB & SB.

      Vote for CHANGE!!!! Vote against anyone with a big fat I next to their name.

  5. Dinkfester

    The call for CHANGE is coming GREENDALE. Bring in the OUTSIDERS and oust the INSIDERS on the Village Board and Board of Education.

    Enough is ENOUGH of vanity projects and politicians afraid to take a stand. Stop the taxpayer subsidy of the Historical Society. Get voting out of the schools now. Right the wrong done by the school board last SPRING. Vote out KEWAN and the rest of the insiders in the Village and Board of Education.

    • paul elliott

      why remove voting from the schools?

      • Greendale Mama

        Wake up Paul! We MUST stop the Historical Society!!! That group of fringe group community members is destroying Greendale. Vote Rich Busalacchi and Brian Schuk for Village board to get voting out of our schools and stop the Historical Society!!!

        • Anthony

          Please hold some public hearings and make a decision on the voting before it tears Greendale apart. Can the school board and village come to an agreement on this???

          Electing one or two new politicians to office won’t change the vote either way.

          Please take this bull by the horns and get it figured out.

        • Pumping Iron

          Respectfully I suggest Greendale Mama check out the names and community positions of the historical society board of directors. Hardly a fringe group!! More like board members of a bank!!
          The decision about voting in the schools has been settled with the schools changing their calendar to have non-student attendance on voting days and use those days for parent-teacher conferences, in-service days for teachers and a mini-vacation day to give everyone time to refresh themselves for more learning.
          I also respectfully suggest Greendale Mama detail how the historical society is destroying Greendale. I always thought their purpose is to preserve Greendale for current and future residents. Your posting sounds like election hysteria and propaganda. Sorry, but that’s how I see things.

          • Trud!

            After the April election daychange will be in the air with spring. New board members = our time and our agenda.

            Get ready PEOPLE.

            Moving voting out of the schools by the November 2016 election to the PUBLIC’s Hose Tower, Church lobby, PUBLIC’s library, the PEOPLE”s Hall, and Southridge will be one of many new facts of life in Greendale.

  6. Chris

    Sounds like a hot topic. Not having school age children, I am learning about this issue now. I understand the parent’s issues concerning safety. It makes me wonder what specific solution ideas for alternate polling places were offered. Where would we go to vote, if not at the schools? If the children are not in attendance at school on those election dates, the safety risk is then greatly mitigated, which seems like a viable solution to this issue. Is this not so? I understand the concerns, yet, perhaps there is more information I am not aware of or have misunderstood, to understand why the topic is so hotly contested.

    • Trudy

      You are so misinformed Chris. Call your Village Board Members and ask them why they pressured the school board to oust their Superintendent and body slam the proposal of voting. Call your School Board Members and ask them why the bowed down to the Village Board’s temper tantrum at the expense of our children.

      Have you ever heard of the Hose Tower, any Church lobby or basement, PUBLIC Library, Village I mean the PEOPLE’s Hall, or Southridge Mall that the Village Board subsidizes now with a TIF?

      • Chris

        Well Trudy – I have heard of these places. I don’t mean to inspire anger or animosity, I truly just want to know. Have these places been formally submitted as recommended polling places per ward? Is there a plan that could be supported?

        I have not lived here long and for the time I have lived here, I have tried to learn what is going on, what is important to the folks who live here and how I can participate as a responsible member of the community. As far as calling the Village Board Members or the School Board Members with those questions, I don’t know enough about the body slamming and the temper tantrums to make those inquiries with any mode of decorum or even how to feel about the answers I would get. I am just trying to understand. Otherwise how can I be a good citizen? You seem very passionate about these issues Trudy, are you – or have you been in a leadership position within the Village, or on the school board?

        I do not have the knowledge of history, politics or events as you do, but I am trying to sort it all out.

        • Trud!

          I care about Greendale’s direction. Each group is filled to the brim with people that at least 50 or older out of touch with the needs of working families, anyone under 40, and all of us who have not lived in Greendale for at least 25 years. Each have individuals that have been in office for over 20 years! Every single one of them proudly hoot about how long they have lived here and how valuable that is to Greendale’s future direction.

          Come to the debates. Go to the Historical Society meeting. Observe an education board or village meeting and you will get passionate and see they all need to go. The status quo is going down and so will the dynasty of the do nothings in Greendale.

          • Chris

            Good to know. Thank you for the feedback and advice. It will help if I get a chance to attend the meetings.

      • Pumping Iron

        Trudy and Pete should fact-check their assertions before publishing. There have been NO road blocks from the village trustees and NO attempts to shut-down anyone. NO one has been body slammed and NO one had a temper tantrum at Village Hall.
        Here are the FACTS. The village trustees discussed moving voting locations with the school board at a special joint meeting on May 6, 2014. Former clerk-treasurer Kathy Kasza presented a long oral report regarding federal and state requirements for all voting locations. Wisconsin Statutes 5-12 states: “The places chosen shall be public buildings, unless the use of a public building is impracticable or the use of a non-public building better serves the needs of the electorate.” Such things as handicapped access, parking and room size are a few factors for establishing new voting locations. If someone can find new and better locations which meet all the federal and state requirements, they should make that information known. Remember, the federal and state laws are the controlling legal authority, not the village trustees.
        It now appears that removing voting from the schools is the REAL motivation behind the two school board sponsored trustee candidates. So the election on April 5th may become an unofficial referendum on this issue. School board and their two trustee candidates, versus the residents!!! The school board doesn’t want Greendale residents voting in the schools, but expects those same residents to support their $26 million dollar referendum. This is how LIBERALS think!!!
        If student safety on Election Day is a school board concern, then how do they justify continuing the daily pickup and drop off problems at the intermediate school. It is a pedestrian accident waiting to happen. So much for student safety!!!
        Finally, Pete needs to fact-check the statement that Tharp was “fired due to pressure from the Village Board.” My challenge to Pete is to PROVE that the trustees had anything to do with Tharp’s employment status. (HINT: Tharp was hired by the school board and paid by the school board, not the trustees.)

  7. Anthony

    Will the school and village board hold a public hearing on this matter? Get this matter settled before the election or we will have off angry defeated candidates or office holders as this is one darn hot issue again.

  8. Pete

    Hard to believe that people have forgotten Columbine and Sandy Hook. I want to send clear message that we need to take Greendale back for our kids and future! We have been asking for voting to be removed from our schools and the Village board keeps putting up roadblocks and shutting us down. The reason we lost a great superintendent is because he got fired due to pressure from the Village board. Vote Rich Busalacchi and Brian Schuk for Village trustee in April!

    • Cranberry

      I can tell you this much if the school district doesn’t want me voting in their schools, then don’t expect me to vote for their $26 million dollar referendum!

      • anthony

        Read this about the rumor referendum.

        Mr. Hajewski stated administration was working with Bray Architects to prepare a facilities
        study. They would meet with principals to develop a wish list and examine mechanical
        equipment for a long-term plan. The firm will present their final study at a future Board

    • The conservative voter

      “And there is your dagger” as Wayne Larrivee would say. Mr. Busalacchi and Mr. Schuk are now associated with the fringe left trying to usurp the Village Board for calling out the School Board on their own lunacy.

      • Dinkfester

        The wave of insurgency and change of the establishment is sweeping Greendale, Wisconsin and the USA.

        The days of conservative THEORY and SELFISHNESS are over.

        Vote the insiders out. Vote SCHUK and BUSALACCHI!!!!

        Send the Historical Society back to the basement of the Community Learning Center.

        Put our tax dollars to work for the PEOPLE.

  9. The Conservative Voter

    1. Greendale voters are consistently, and increasingly, voting conservative, which bodes well for the incumbents on the Village Board of Trustees.
    2. Larson besting Abele in the primary is likely a mirage. The voter turnout was higher in the left-leaning City of Milwaukee, whereas the voters in Oak Creek & Franklin (18% turnout) sat this one out. They’ll come out for the Republican primary and carry Abele over the far-left Larson.
    3. Alliances matter. On the local Board of Trustees level, those who align themselves with the Troll, and his handful of leftists, will lose. The “parents of school-age children” vote is a minority of Greendale voters, and they don’t all share the same views. Indeed, some are conservatives.

    • John

      Visited the Greendale School District and the last message about the administrator search is almost 4 weeks old.

      No news is something that we should start wondering about.

      What are they up to? Are we going to see a plethora of closed meetings?

      I have seen this before.

    • al

      have voting in other places is another way the LEFT is trying disenfranchise voting ….why not have have all voting at the athletic field….then the “snowflakes” wont show up

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