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OPINION: Guns Have No Place in the Greendale Schools

OPINION: Guns Have No Place in the Greendale Schools

A Republican bill that would allow people with concealed weapon permits to carry guns on school grounds in Wisconsin is likely going nowhere. But, that doesn’t mean Greendale families shouldn’t be paying attention.

Under the bill, concealed carry licensees could carry on school property. The bill doesn’t authorize guns in school buildings. It would be up to local school boards to decide whether weapons would be allowed inside school buildings. If they decided to ban weapons in schools, they would be required to post notices at the building’s entrances.

It should go without saying that guns have no place in schools. Schools must be safe havens for teaching and learning — that is a basic obligation to children that comes before anything else.

Many school districts, education leaders, public officials and the state Department of Public Instruction already oppose the bill. In recent years, school safety has been a front burner topic for the Greendale School board and our school leaders might let Greendale families know their position on the proposed legislation.

Will Greendale’s school board take a stand?

The bill is sponsored by Senate President Mary Lazich and Rep. Robert Brooks. Lazich, who is from New Berlin and represents Greendale, has said the bill is designed to ensure concealed carry licensees who drop their kids off at school and forget they’re carrying aren’t arrested.

This measure isn’t the first of its kind to be introduced in Wisconsin. Last year, Representative Jesse Kremer introduced a “campus carry” bill that would have allowed teachers and school officials to carry guns on campus.

Solutions for preventing violence in schools should be centered on encouraging better planning and coordination with law enforcement.

I work in public education and it is my opinion that allowing guns in schools will not provide a safe learning environment for students and a safe working environment for school employees.

Simply put, our schools are not a place for gun owners to exercise their 2nd amendment rights.

About The Author

Bill Attewell

Bill Attewell is the editor and publisher of Everything Greendale. He has over 20 years experience as an award-winning newspaper editor, writer and publisher. His work has been read in in over 50 publications across the U.S. and abroad. Bill is a long-time resident of Greendale and a Greendale High School alum. Go Panthers!


  1. Dinkfester

    Rich Bussalachi is going to upset the Greendale Village Board. We (the school board, parents, and the good people of Greendale) are going to send the old farts packing off the Village Board. Enough of their pet projects like the Veterans Memorial HOOOOSE Tower, and wasting money on the 5%centers in Greendale

    We vote and we win. Go Rich Go! Go Rich Go.

  2. Dinkfester

    So to all the gun runners in Greendale, Do you really think letting everyone pack a gun on school grounds would avoid the “dangerous graffiti” everyone got all worked up about?

    Waiting for the Village and School Board to stand up and say NO NO NO to the gun lovers.

    Watch for questions about this at the new superintendent meetings. We have had enough of right wing wing nuts in Greendale. We vote and we win elections.

    • Dinkfester

      Write or should I say right Mary Lazich and just tell her to quit, resign, get a real job and stop your love fest with the NRA!!!!!

      We vote and we are going to kick out the incumbents. Vote for Rich for Greendale Village Board.

      • Grant Holzman

        If my children attended Greendale Schools, you could not guarantee a crazy person with a gun isn’t going to walk into a gun-free school. But I CAN guarantee that if there is a qualified gun carrying security person there he is going to stop the crazy from having his way. My children are grown with families of their own. I don’t live in Greendale any longer. But waiting for a crazy to go to a gun free zone , is not what I would do…imho….

  3. Dinkfester

    The idea of having guns in our schools is beyond crazy stupid dumb!!!!

    Vote out the incumbents on the Village and School Board.

    We need new leaders that represent the families and school district with vigor and strength!!!!!

  4. Grant Holzman

    Please look into any recent “gun” activities involving loss of life . There’s a pattern to be noted, wherein gun-free zones are killing zones and places allowing guns have one of the good “guys” or “gals” take action s to stop the “bad guys”. These actions result in lives saved . would you want your child to be one od of the saved or lost lives ? imho…..

  5. Greenjay

    i read that this bill is sponsored by Mary Lazich, who represents Greendale in the legislature?

  6. paul elliott

    I think this is a proposed law that really off in the weeds. Yes if you drive on to drop you child off at school and you have a firearm on you, you are technically in violation of the law. i think common sense would not charge a person in this case. i do want to remind people that the mass shootings from Sandy Hook to Aruroa movie house , to Columbine to plan parent hood were all GUN FREE ZONES. Only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun.

  7. Richard

    A large minority of voters have no respect for these school trustys.

    This kind of law is knee jerk flag waving law making, either by the hard right or hard left.

    Public officials are supposed to have an opinion on these matters and express them.

    School Trusty’s are too busy patting themselves on the back for holding CEO interviews in the Hose Tower.

    We get the public officials we deserve.

    Vote em out of office or accept the trusty’s we get.

  8. Community Radical

    Over and over, this school board is caught unaware of anything of real importance.

    Not a word on the Board’s web page or anything from their public relations team on their position on guns in schools and this bill. All of them have no relationship state politicians to express their outrage at this legislation.

    Most if not all of us don’t want more guns in the schools. Everything Greendale and Greendale Now have already come out against this. Not our school board members.

    The school board is just on cruise control. Dr. Slota is their Legislative Director. Proves, he isn’t even on cruise control like the rest of them.

    Join us in urging them to come out and take on politicians that think packing a gun in school is just part of of our bill of rights.

    They are predictably out of touch and more so unqualified to be on the Greendale School Board of Education.

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