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OPINION: In Greendale

OPINION: In Greendale

Roy Reiman’s “lifelike” statue of Norman Rockwell at the corner of Broad Street and Northway has put on his Santa hat. It is an obvious sign the holiday season is fast approaching. Its like the first robin of the Christmas.

Lots of cars in downtown Greendale on Saturday. I know parking was also at premium at Greendale’s annual Dickens of a Christmas on Friday. It was another successful go-round for the event. I’m sure the Greendale Celebrations Committee’s Facebook page will have plenty of photos of Scrooge up soon. Check it out.

I wonder if the Village has any hard data about the traffic or parking downtown? The numbers might speak volumes about the health our Historic Village Center.

I’m with those who say the Municipal Parking Lot and the connection between Parking and Broad Street could use an upgrade. Some have even mentioned parking meters for the lot. I’m not sure it makes financial sense. But, I am positive meters would be a hard sell in our little Village.

An act of arborial violence dealt a blow to an eco-friendly initiative by Village to grow their own trees. Twenty-five young trees (about 5-feet tall) were planted by the DPW at 51st and Eastway and grown to replace Village trees that were lost through disease. Vandals got to them. Not cool. I hope they replant and wonder if the DPW could team up with AP Environmental Science class at Greendale High School on this.

Speaking of the GHS, the Greendale Marching Band will be holding a Holiday Fair fund-raiser on Saturday, December 12 to help support their fundraising goal for their trip to New York next year. The band says it needs to raise $250,000 to ensure that all student band members are able to march in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in 2016. So far, they have raised about $25K. They have set up a You Caring page if your are interested in donating to the cause.

The band’s Holiday Fair will feature a bazaar, raffles, a bake sale and pictures taken with Santa. It will be held at Greendale High School from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. There’s even a Pancake Breakfast.

I wonder if participation in the Macy’s parade is the pinnacle for the band and Tom Reifenberg, Greendale’s director of bands. They have won the State Championship so many times in a row (11?) that not winning in Madison would now be big news. The band performed well at the Bands of America Grand National Championships in Indianapolis in November. Maybe the national championship?

The search for the next superintendent of the Greendale Schools continues. School Exec Connect — the consultants hired by the school board to lead the search — will present the results of the parent/community survey to the board on December 7. If they are following the script, it is a good bet that JoAnn Sternke and others from the firm are already reaching out to potential candidates. Rumors are the candidate pool may be thin.

Long-time incumbent school board member Tom Slota was the first big winner in the Greendale Education Foundation’s recently concluded TGIF Raffle. The raffle raised $3,740 the Greendale Schools. The Education Foundation has also scheduled event they are calling “Cheers for Education” on February 26 that will feature the culinary skills of Greendale High School’s ProStart Culinary Arts Program. Way to go Judy Fons and crew!

Speaking of Slota. The school board seats held by he and school board treasurer Melanie Kuzmanovic are up in April. People are saying that Kuzmanovic is running — not sure about Slota. Time will tell.

Some are wondering if perennial Greendale candidate Kathleen Wied Vincent will throw her hat into the ring. Maybe Kim Kowalczyk will decide to run again or perhaps someone new will give it a go.

The Greendale School Board will conduct a School Board Academy on Monday, December 14 for those interested in running as a candidate for school board in the Spring Election in 2016. We should have a better of idea of who might be running after that.

Over on the Village side, I have yet to see a campaign sign from Greendale’s tea party candidate Carl Genz — so, I can’t confirm he is running for re-election. Incumbents Ron Barbian and Bill Kewan will likely seek to retain their seats next year. Rich Busalacchi, the Greendale Lions Club Director of Celebrations Fund Raisers is definitely running and is holding campaign events.

Municipal Judge Mark Kapocius seems likely to run for another three year term. Kapocius recently joined the Greendale Historical Society board of directors along with Village Club President Mike Connor.

The first day to circulate nomination papers for Greendale elective office was December 1. The filing deadline is January 5. If a primary is necessary, it will be held February 16 with the general election is April 5.

Well, we don’t have any snow on the ground, But, soon we will be watching “Elf” on ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas and a Michael Buble holiday soundtrack will accompany shopping runs to Target.

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About The Author

Bill Attewell

Bill Attewell is the editor and publisher of Everything Greendale. He has over 20 years experience as an award-winning newspaper editor, writer and publisher. His work has been read in in over 50 publications across the U.S. and abroad. Bill is a long-time resident of Greendale and a Greendale High School alum. Go Panthers!


  1. factnotfiction

    What is this “people are saying Kuzmanovic is running”. Why don’t you ask her if she’s running? Are you a rumor monger or a newsperson?

  2. factnotfiction

    What a joke. GSD Ed and WI Mother, you are both spreading false information. Neither Comiskey nor Kuzmanovic are union members. You are both spreading lies. I see, GHS Ed, that you have no clue what people on the school board, PTOs and athletic booster clubs do. You collect your check from the taxpayer trough and whine. Common core isn’t an issue and Kowalczyk doesn’t even know what that means. The school levy is the only one that went down on my tax bill. I guess that means the school board is incompetent. Yeah, stable place to teach? GSD Ed, if it sucks so bad, find another job. The district excels in so many ways. You, GSD Ed, whoever you are, are a drag on the whole district. God help me if one of my kids is in your class.

  3. jeff ircink

    vandals got to ALL 25 newly planted trees? what progress has been made in catching
    the culprits?

  4. GSD Ed

    We teachers will care again Kim when we know people and the Board of Education have our back. Right now morale is bad.

    Educators that aren’t UNION in the GEA, we are persona non grata in Greendale School District. All of the Board of Education are minions of the Union. Two of the Board Members are members of the Oak Creek Educators Association. John and Mel are union activists.

    How does this be allowed in Greendale?

    • WI Mother

      GSD.. You are so correct as to the “minions of the Union”. For starters, hopefully Mel will be gone in the Spring, and rightly so for many reasons. We needs caring parents, as Kim is, to protect ALL Educators and return respect to our School District. How we got TWO Oak Creek Educators on the Greendale School Board is unbelievable.

      • Richard

        Who cares if morale is bad. These teachers get paid up to 81,000 a year for 9 months work and two weeks at Christmas and a week in the spring plus June, July and most of August off. Not bad work if you can get it.

    • factnotfiction

      Please provide evidence that either John Comiskey or Melanie Kuzmanovic are “union activists” much less union members. This website does a great job of spreading rumors and unsubstantiated gossip rather than fact.

  5. WI Mother

    You’ve got the right ideas, Kim. (and boy do we need new ideas, attitudes and faces!!) Appreciate your caring about upgrading the School Board. A few faces need to be replaced, for sure..

  6. Richard

    Let the incumbent school system trusties have their seats.

    Let them stand before We the People and the Greendale School System Staff and answer for their decisions.

    They can have a job no one wants.

  7. Richard

    We get the trusties we elect and deserve what they do.

  8. Jerry

    I have a fealing nearby neighbors do not like the sight of that patch of weeds, tall grass, o and trees. Might be a neighborhood thing to remove this or move this tree farm away from that location.

  9. WI Mother

    So right, GSD.. Let’s go Kim.. We need new people like you who care about our Village, schools, children, etc., etc. Kathleen has been around the block too many times and Melanie has not got the job done. Greendale needs NEW blood. 1st spot goes to Kim!!!!!

    • Kim Kowalczyk

      Thank you Wi Mother for your support…. I think I am going to give it another go. I feel our district can be much better than where we are now. I truly believe that we need to give our students more choices than just a typical 4 year college. Also, no more common core teaching…the fed gov’t no longer requires this…amen. Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas!

  10. GSD Ed

    We want a stable place to teach. The last three years have been really hard. We have lost some great teachers and administrators. Their replacements are less than what Greendale deserves.

    We need new people on the school board, PTOs, and athletic boosters.

    Come on Greendale. We can be great again.

    • factnotfiction

      The “replacements” are “less the what Greendale deserves”? Please elaborate. You sound like Donald Trump. Creating issues with vague accusations and not providing any facts or evidence.

      • Greendale lcoffee Person

        Stop the anger. Embrace voting out the incumbents. If Donald Trump is the candidate for President, more than 55 percent of the electorate in Greendale voting in the school buildings will vote for The Donald. We will also vote out The school board that spits on Veterans.


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