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Opinion: Greendale’s Rocky Relationships

Opinion: Greendale’s Rocky Relationships

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Bill Attewell

Bill Attewell is the editor and publisher of Everything Greendale. He has over 20 years experience as an award-winning newspaper editor, writer and publisher. His work has been read in in over 50 publications across the U.S. and abroad. Bill is a long-time resident of Greendale and a Greendale High School alum. Go Panthers!


  1. Mike Murawski

    If you really care about the posts and comments that you take the time to put on Everything Greendale, please take the time to put YOUR NAME on your Post. Don’t bother to post anything if you won’t put YOUR REAL NAME.


      People don’t post their real names because they don’t want the backlash of personal hate attacks from people who don’t agree with their posts. Some people on this website can be pretty ignorant against anyone who doesn’t share their views.

      • Richard

        Anger breeds anger. School Trusties are very angry, isolated and inward. They are pretty mean too to anyone who dares disagree or call them out. They are usually seen in groups and scanning for friends and avoiding anyone who “dares” to disagree.

        Legends in their own minds.

        • GSD Ed.

          I have been muzzled by faculty, central office administration and scorned by board members for questioning them.

          Things are quiet with Strobel with nothing being done except keeping things quiet. The GEA is running things and some teachers and guidance counselors get what they want over kids and teachers not in the popular group.

  2. A Parent

    Crapitto is no Judy Fons. He’s the John Boehner of the school board.

  3. Richard

    Three cheers for the EG editorial.

    We will appreciate the school trusties when they start putting up for all of us to watch the video of the school trustie meetings they make every meeting and then must take home to watch to relive their best part of their lives.

    Why do they make the video tape of the meeting and then do not share it on cable or the web site? The pr team knows this is another of the the trusties problem of poor transparency and hiding from the people.

    Time will tell about the village plan development. Time will tell.

  4. MJR

    The late night noise from the rock is RIDICULOUS!!! Able should fix this. I don’t trust this school board. Grade = D-

    • barb

      The noise from The Rock is only for a few summer months. why is everyone making such a big deal about it? I’ve been up there to the Umbrella bar and it’s beautiful. So much better than when it was just a bare piece of land. Have the people who complain gone up there to check it out? The baseball fields look like the field of dreams. And the view from up there is fantastic! Enjoy it!!

    • Mike Murawski

      I do believe that I have voiced my opinion previously on this subject matter……The Rock. This is a great venue and addition to the area. We have found an individual to turn the pile of trash into something very useful to the Community and beyond. We should all be very thankful that we don’t live in Milwaukee where you can hear gunshots and sirens on a regular basis instead of some music playing occasionally. It is so nice to see the baseball games being played up at The Rock and all of the families enjoying the days and nights of our short Summer season. People who complain about The Rock need to get a life. Get a little perspective in your lives and our surroundings and enjoy what we all have here. Find something to really complain about……RELAX.

      • Kim Kowalczyk

        Mike M, I totally agree with you my friend, the Rock Complex is quite gorgeous. I have taken my 9 year old there to watch a baseball game. As far as the noise, I agree with you, I would rather here music than gun shots. It’s not like there is a rock concert happening every night! So, I have to agree, some things are worth complaining about, and some things, not so much!

  5. Community Radical

    This is one of the best Opinions. Not hurtful with good choices for us. Don’t let the hate spewers rule.

    The Rock? How did it come to this in the H Section that noise spew is present every weekend and no one can do anything about it? Birmingham is left cleaning up the previous administration’s deal. We all knew this was going to be a problem and now it is.

    School District? Grade the educators a B+. School Board, no confidence but no good candidates willing to serve. I have said before, I backed this bunch and no longer do. I voted for them last April. I won’t this April. There are good people thinking of running and maybe those up for election are not running.

    The four board members will be against expanding the school board and poo poo it. Who can blame them? They think they are doing the best they can and maybe they due to their inability to do what is right.

    The situation is no one of quality or executive ability is willing serve. Who can blame them? A poster is right, we get what we elect. We elect weak people to a position no one with any brains or real ability would want if they are in their right mind. People like me aren’t willing to serve either. Maybe all of us who have been talking about this should have a drawing to see who will step up and put up a good candidate to save John C from the rest of the Bunch of 4.

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