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OPINION: A Show of Hands in Greendale

OPINION: A Show of Hands in Greendale


I think we’ve all seen the flags at the corner of Broad Street and Southway waving in the direction of the district office and school board. The Veterans have made their point in red, white and blue.

On Tuesday night, the community will gather in the largest indoor venue in town, the Henry Ross Auditorium in Greendale High School’s Reiman Family Arts Wing. There, Greendale will vote about whether ownership of Parcel Number 663-0469-000 should be transferred from the School District to the Village. A yes vote will likely pave the way for a Veterans Memorial at the site.

It is a pretty big deal for our little Village and it might not be a slam dunk for the supporters of the proposed memorial site. Some do oppose the transfer for various reasons. Either way, the special meeting vote is a rare occurrence and it will be one for the Greendale history books. So, grab your popcorn.

Most people already know (or can guess) where the Village board stands. Trustees have been signaling to the school board this is a way to get out from under the loudest of their recent series of blunders. If residents vote to transfer the land, Joe Crapitto should probably send Village Hall a big thank-you card. He’s got enough on his plate with calling the shots for the school district.

People I have spoken to seem to trust that — given the opportunity — our Village trustees and Village Manager Todd Michaels would get this Veterans Memorial thing right. I’d bet they already have a plan that includes new sidewalks.

That vacant plot of land on the corner of Broad Street and Southway is unfinished business from Greendale’s infancy. Ownership has bounced from Village Hall to the school district and it looks like it could bounce back again on Tuesday, April 28. Fun Fact: A library was proposed at one time. That didn’t happen.

The last time that land was front and center, it was proposed that the school district sell it to the Greendale Community Church for an expansion of their facility and parking. There was a big firestorm (by Greendale standards) and the community gathered in the GHS auditorium and dramatically voted down the idea of a really nice parking lot at the corner.

The stakes feel higher this time around.

Tuesday’s meeting will probably look something like a school district annual meeting  — with way fewer empty seats. I think it could be an interesting crowd and you’ll have to show residency to vote.

Someone will nominate someone else to be the chairperson (probably Joe Crapitto). District office usually lines someone up in advance to make the nomination — just in case. Then, there will be citizen comments and questions. Remember, the comments are timed. I’ve seen Park & Rec Director Jackie Schweitzer holding the stop watch at these types of meetings more than once.

According to a posting by the district, we then move on to an agenda item called, “Discussion”.

That might be a good place to tell the community where that secret “new, not previously considered alternative site” is actually located. Many people may already know, but I don’t think it has ever been public knowledge.

The apex of the night is in an agenda item the district calls, “Action”. That is the actual vote, folks. It is the time when the community’s will is heard.

The district hasn’t publicly explained the voting process. The last time, there was a show of hands. If it is raised hands again, some curious people will be watching to see when Mel Kuzmanovic, Vicky McCormick and John Comiskey lift their arms. Traditional media and groups outside of Greendale will be paying attention as well.

A vote by the electors is required by law to transfer the land to the Village. No matter how the final vote comes out on Tuesday, you just gotta love democracy in action. To view the agenda for Tuesday’s special meeting, please click here.

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About The Author

Bill Attewell

Bill Attewell is the editor and publisher of Everything Greendale. He has over 20 years experience as an award-winning newspaper editor, writer and publisher. His work has been read in in over 50 publications across the U.S. and abroad. Bill is a long-time resident of Greendale and a Greendale High School alum. Go Panthers!


  1. GSD Ed.

    Our students are not the Breakfast Club. G House teachers and pupils rock. We get it done despite administration in the District Office.

    We also elect school board members.

    • Richard

      Yep GSD ED. Fact Not Fiction is right with you in all of his or her unresolved anger issues.

  2. Factnotfiction

    More drivel from “Richard” concerning the school board. First of all, It’s “Melanie” not “Melody”. Perhaps if you ever actually went to a meeting you’d know that. Second you’re a real man calling her and Vicky “losers”. Great intellectual point there. Third, these people are school board members, not “trustees”. Trustees are those that serve on the village board. Fourth, the only disrespect and trouble has been caused by the so called “leadership” of the veterans group, who’ve been acting like babies because they couldn’t get their way. Not one single school board member has ever been on record as not supporting the concept of veterans memorial in Greendale. Most normal people, if they were unsuccessful, would try to find another alternative site. No, their “solution” was to label those who voted against the location as “anti-veteran” and run to talk radio crying like little babies. Instead, we’ve seen character assassination of the three persons who voted against the location and zero alternatives offered by the so-called leadership of the veterans group, in addition to complete silence from the village trustees. By the way “GSD ED” whoever you are, if the teachers are all supporting “Cominskey” that person won’t be there. It’s John “Comiskey”. Finally, to all the whiners like you Richard, where were all the recall zealots and throw the incumbents out cheerleaders? No recall, board president Crapitto reelected with the most votes, and a teacher elected to the board. Looking forward to all the chest thumping flag wavers at Tuesday’s meeting to talk about how the school board will be dealing with the million dollar shortfall due to state budget cuts. Oops, I forgot, it’s the educational issue of the location of the memorial which will be the topic du jour.

    • Richard

      Wow. Talk about anger issues and frustration and unresolved stuff. OMG

      • Richard

        One other thing. Melodie and Vicky are losers anyway they go. FNF just adds to the the barrier they have to get over to have any credibility as school trustees in the future.

        They are in the last term. We called it that Joe would win FNF. He gets to clean up his mess.

    • WI Mother

      Appears majority ruled tonite… 🙂

      • GSD Ed.

        So happy this is over.

  3. GSD Ed.

    Teachers will be at this meeting to support Cominskey.

  4. Richard

    Either way Vicky and Melodie vote, they are losers.

    If they vote yes, they flipped their vote and caused monuments of trouble and disrepute for the school system.

    If they vote NO as they have in the past, they show disrespect for the veterans and continue their stubborn losing argument

    I will be there to watch which disrepute they choose to be.

    Unfortunate waste of time, legal costs, reputation and embarrassment for Greendale by our school trusties.

    I know there will be more of this in the future. That we can be sure of.

    Warning Greendale. School Trusty blunders ahead of us and behind us.

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