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$12 to $26 Million in Building Improvements to Be Considered by School Board

$12 to $26 Million in Building Improvements to Be Considered by School Board

The Greendale school board will hear a long-range facilities planning report on March 2. At the meeting, the board will receive a report from the firm KPH Construction that assesses the current and future needs of the GSD district property. Estimates from KPH for the work range from $12,640,223 to $26,255,812 for the improvements and upgrades.

The Greendale School district is currently facing a $1 million shortfall for the 2015-16 school year.

“In order to continue to maintain our facilities in great condition for the future and meet the learning environment needs of our students, the district must from time to time assess the condition of its buildings and grounds, and plan for improvements. As you know, our last referedum (sic) was in 2007 to remodel GHS,” wrote Director of Business Erin Green in a memo to Superintendent John Tharp.

Matt Gibson, the former superintendent of the Elmbrook School District led the efforts to review the state of district facilities and recommend improvements. In 2013, Gibson was hired as a “leadership coach” for Superintendent John Tharp.

Among the items under consideration at each building are:

College Park:

  • Replacing walls, $303,030
  • Provide HVAC system improvements, $195,000
  • Create secure entry, $562,000
  • Add outside walking/running track, $10,830

Highland View:

  • Replace tile exterior walls, $480,380
  • Provide HVAC system improvements, $950,000
  • Add gymnasium addition, $2,185,658
  • Add four classrooms, $520,402


  • Provide HVAC system improvement, $924,000
  • Replace roof, $801,223

Middle School:

  • Replace roof areas, $148,380
  • Replace water heater, $42,665
  • Install hot water solar collector, $64,878

High School:

  • Add air conditioning to gym, $435,755
  • Renovate rooms 17-19 into Project Lead the Way labs, $292,892
  • Repurpose portion of library into three classrooms, $245,336
  • Add field house and walking/running track, $12,000,000

According to the report, the envisioned review process to follow the March 2 school board presentation is to complete estimates for the work, engage with staff and the community and provide preliminary decisions on potential and alternative options.

About The Author

Bill Attewell

Bill Attewell is the editor and publisher of Everything Greendale. He has over 20 years experience as an award-winning newspaper editor, writer and publisher. His work has been read in in over 50 publications across the U.S. and abroad. Bill is a long-time resident of Greendale and a Greendale High School alum. Go Panthers!


  1. Pat Banach

    I personally think that hiring more Teachers would be better for the Students. Getting the classroom size down to a more manageable size would ease a lot of pressure off the Teachers.
    Pay them all what they’re worth, not what the state thinks they’re worth, the kids are our future.
    Air conditioning in the gym?
    I don’t think so…..

  2. The Conservative Voter

    The Conservative Voter would agree that the buildings are out-dated and in need of improvement. Referendums ain’t easy, however. The gang that’s running the District now are in no position to go to the public for more money. Get the right leader in place, engage the community, and it has a chance. As it stands, this plan isn’t worth the effort to read it.

  3. WI Mother

    With over a million dollar deficit, 26 million improvements??? WTH!!

    • WI Mother

      You are soooo right, TCV.. This will go nowhere with the group running this school district, from Sup to Board. The people of Greendale are smarter than they all think. We need respected, meaningful leaders, and that’s not what we got!

  4. GSD Ed.

    Does Crapitto support the proposal and study he approved to be paid for and completed by Dr. Tharp’s coach?

    How much is Mr Gibson working in the school district? And why do they need him?

    This is the stress teachers feel all the time here.

  5. GSD Ed.

    We have a 1.4 million bucks budget hole and administration that is retiring is proposing this!!!

    Parents they are going to cut teachers and build a Fieldhouse.

    Teachers they are cutting us,freezing our pay and benefits.

    And leaving the French teacher to twist in the wind.

    But, they paid a consultant and want to do this?

  6. Community Radical

    I support this and am glad the board is going to referendum. Why are they air conditioning the grm but not the classrooms at high school? Also have heard the board is supportive of the 12 Field house. What is Dr. Tharp’s directive since he is seeking a new school district to be Disrict Administrator?also what about the 1.4 mill budget cut?


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