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“Our Town: Greendale, Wisconsin” on Thursday, October 27

The Greendale Historical Society will feature an original production of “Our Town: Greendale, Wisconsin on Thursday, October 27. The program starts at 7 p.m. in the Historic Hose Tower and is free and open to the public. The program is free and open to the public.

Greendale is often compared to fictional towns because of its unique character and charm. In the classic play, Our Town, Thornton Wilder told a fictional story about an idyllic place through the voices of many of the townspeople. Join us as a group of performers tell the true story of Greendale from its early days in the 1930s.

In this dramatic presentation, you will discover Greendale from “Pioneers” in their own words. Hear why there was always a tavern in our town, why no basements in the originals, and more about that movie theater in the heart of Greendale.

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Bill Attewell

Bill Attewell is the editor and publisher of Everything Greendale. He has over 20 years experience as an award-winning newspaper editor, writer and publisher. His work has been read in in over 50 publications across the U.S. and abroad. Bill is a long-time resident of Greendale and a Greendale High School alum. Go Panthers!


  1. Ron

    This new guy has zero connection to the community or history of Greendle. What a mistake. My membership is cancelled.

    • S section

      Ron…the trustees have ZERO connection with Greendale
      Example….go to some town hall meetings, all they are worried about is the beautification of this village and not the REAL issues we need to tackle, like raise the taxes a lil more than the bare bare minimum to fund our insanely under funded DPW ( look at our potholes, street lights or even our plow vehicles from the 80’s) or our classic fleet of crown vic police cars, and why are we funding this stupid Welcome center or Hose tower galla?
      I cannot stand these out of tune trustees

    • Pumping Iron

      In reply to Ron and Sally, here are a few facts about the new historical society president. (1) He has purchased an older home on Euston and is in the process of a complete rehab. (2) He has a degree in landscape design from UW-Madison and has used his skills and knowledge to develop a landscape plan for the HT and Parking Street parking lot. (3) He has served as the co-chair of the historical society Fund Raising Committee for several years and is present during Open Market Days at the historical society booth. (4) Rather than being a “tool” he is an independent thinker who thinks outside the box. Rather than ask “why” he asks “why not” when problem solving.
      (5) Remember that he is only one vote on the historical society board of directors and needs their approval for any major decisions.
      (6) He won election in an open and transparent election. Give the man a chance to prove himself and if things don’t work out, vote again in two years.

    • bsection

      yuck, not renewing mine either.. the Village has given enough $$ to that circus of an oganization. I’ll donate more to the lions, schools or my church .

  2. SallY

    Many of us do not support the new Hysterical Pres Robert Nowak. He is a tool and a fool.

  3. Lawrence Berg

    Greendale. The Village built by Democrats for working families, mainly Democrats.
    The Village that proved long ago; it takes a village.
    The Village that disproved nearly everything today’s Republican residents swear is Gospel truth.

  4. Michael R. Arndorfer

    Unfortunate that this is at the same time as the community visioning at the high school.

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