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Bill Attewell

Bill Attewell is the editor and publisher of Everything Greendale. He has over 20 years experience as an award-winning newspaper editor, writer and publisher. His work has been read in in over 50 publications across the U.S. and abroad. Bill is a long-time resident of Greendale and a Greendale High School alum. Go Panthers!


  1. Sandi

    I can’t understand why the school board wants to revisit the voting issue!!! Just adjust your calendar.

  2. Richard

    EG. When a group or individual is heading towards rock bottom, it is obvious to everyone except the group or individual. We do not see any good way out for this school board. If they stay the course, they should continue to expect this kind of “interaction with Greendale.” If they change the course, they have to admit they have made a major blunder, correct it, and then be held responsible for Greendale School District hitting rock bottom.

    They are in a mess and rumor has it another school board member not up for election is thinking about resigning.

  3. Ronnie

    Hey Attewell, those rocks in that photo look pretty slimy. Rather appropriate, don’t you think?

  4. barb

    Thanks Bill for keeping all of us up to date with all the news in Greendale, good or bad. This last article that was about the open enrollment I had seen in the paper. Greendale has a waiting list for kids wanting to go to school here. They have always had a good program for those children with disabilities. This is sad that it’s being made out like we don’t want these kids. Greendale has always been a great place to raise kids and it’s sad that this is happening.

  5. WI Mother

    Thank you, Mr. Attewell, from another long-time resident of Greendale. The events over the past months have left so many of us feel sad for our Village. These feelings are due to a few Greendale School Board members who cover their ears (& eyes) to the wishes of the majority of our residents. The sight of our local retired Marine standing at attention from sunrise to sunset at the site of the potential Veterans Memorial is a sight that cannot be forgotten. This Marine is also asking “Why” and has received no answers. Now we are hearing of our young soldiers taking the time to stand before the Greendale School Board, asking “Why”, and they receive no answers. It is a very sad time for Greendale and those elected School Board members are obviously deaf and blind.

    • Scott

      I’m NOT voting yes for any school referendum in Greendale. We just dont’ need more gyms. Ugh. Don’t raise my frickin’ taxes, they are high enough already school board!

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