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OPINION: Rescinding Trust

OPINION: Rescinding Trust

About The Author

Bill Attewell

Bill Attewell is the editor and publisher of Everything Greendale. He has over 20 years experience as an award-winning newspaper editor, writer and publisher. His work has been read in in over 50 publications across the U.S. and abroad. Bill is a long-time resident of Greendale and a Greendale High School alum. Go Panthers!


  1. Jeff

    Tharp is not going to make a speech like that. Maybe Mr. Crappitto will.

  2. Bill Attewell

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  3. Scott

    I am really looking forward to the annual meeting on September 15 and the superintendent’s report. I am sure that Dr. Tharp will take the time to clearly explain the district’s position on voting in our schools, our ACT and other test scores and the Veterans memorial. I quite sure there will be a clear plan presented by Dr. Tharp for addressing these and other important issues. He is the leader our community needs!

  4. College Park Parent

    What has happened to The school board members worries about safety issues on Election Day?

    Is it no longer a problem or are we just pretending everything you all said wasn’t said. A disfunctual family. We are pretending everything is ok.

  5. Jeffery

    Post the video links to the village and school board please. They are conducting the public business.

  6. Bruce

    We would really like to see the school board meeting video posted either on you tube by the public school board or on Everything Greendale. If the school board won’t post their meetings, they are covering up things.

  7. Colleen

    The school board used to be big shots in Greendale. Today, their employees are denying them or laughing at them. Especially Joe and Tharp. Can’t wait to hear them tell us how good things are going in the school system and they think we believe it.

  8. Brice

    The comments here are true. No one electable will work in the arena. No one who represents the average Greendale voter steps into the arena and runs for school board. So by default the school board members continue to be elected. In their view, they are elected and are entitled to vote and manage the school system as they desire. If no one runs against them, or when they do, are even more liberal democratic then Greendale, we get what we have now.

    Enquiring minds want to know after all of this, will they cancel school or have an inservice day to live up to their concern about moving voting out of the school buildings?

    And up next, will the school board approve a lease for 75 years for a memorial on the property at Brinkman?

    When will the board start putting their meetings on video and the website? Busy hard working people don’t have time to sit at school board meetings and most parents are working during the day and then helping their kids at night.

    Please put your meetings on video and make them available like the village does.

    • Brice

      Could Everything Greendale start video recording, liveblog, or report from the school board meetings? This would be important for the next few months to see what is occurring in these meetings to get them to the place they are now.

  9. Greendale Watcher

    Remember, it was the school board that backed themselves into this “no win” situation. I can only imagine that the parents who supported the district on this are very disappointed as well. They were promised that voting would be removed from the schools.

    Greendale is now the laughing stock of surrounding communities. Nice job school board! Maybe it is time you pulled your heads out of your … err … the sand. It looks like you are not quite as smart as you like to think you are.

  10. Chief Justice

    We can only hope the school district will direct their CEO to start holding public meetings. Not at 8.a.m. but in the evening so the people will be able to come and hear what he has to say on many issues. It is well known, he seems reluctant to speak in public.

    Another thing? In today’s age, why aren’t school board meetings video’s placed on you tube or on their web site so all of us can see our fearless leaders in action.

  11. Michael

    It is good this issue is behind Greendale. It is informative that the public school district is in bad shape. Now the people need to come out and run for election.

    There is no question. Joe Crappitto is running the school district. Greendale teachers at a coffee shop are openly critical of district leadership. The board is seen by teachers as old Greendalers out of touch.

    Why did the Canterbury Principal leave and how many good teachers quit this year?

    Good opinion Attewell.

    • CArl

      Michael, ….. Isn’t it the job of the president to run the district? That’s why we elected him and I think Joe is doing a great job, .We hired the super to make sure our children’s education is on track.

      Any fault here lies with the school board and not the super. For safety sakes I would have hoped voting would be out. The super can’t vote on issues like this. We should support the super.

      • Bruce

        This message doesn’t even make sense. The “Super” is the CEO and responsible for the actions of the school board and the school system employees. This is why your “super” Mike gets paid 150,000 a year in a community that the average family makes just over $60,000

    • Go Franklin!

      This arrogant behavior is typical of the liberal establishment working in our public schools. Greendale is no different and it s well known that greendale’s school board and superintendent are dyed in the wool liberal democrats.

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